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Dear CAMWESTies,

More on the Push On debate.  Let me know if you want me to stop
forwarding these to the list.

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Subject: RE: push on gone       To the contrary, "Push On enters the 21st Century"
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I believe www.PushOn.com.au provides a materially more efficient, timely
information distribution medium than the former paper based delivery where much
of the information was assembled a few months earlier.  I found too many rides
in the paper based programme to have changed.


I have never met Jenni Gormley, who seems to have pioneered www.PushOn.com.au 
by expending countless hours of her time.  However, I have enormous regard for
her commitment.  It is child’s play for BUGs to log new rides whereby members
may access across a plethora of viewing options where the ride details can
readily be amended or deleted if necessary.  Such amendment wasn’t possible
previously whereupon cyclists can now safely rely on ride details in the above


The foundation stone of BNSW surely has to be an extensive, diverse, accurate
rides programme.


I appreciate that a few people still don’t have Internet access, but usually
they know someone who does who has a printer.


The world relies on the internet to provide all sorts of timely, accurate
info.  Traditional newspapers and magazines are struggling for circulation.  I
don’t see why cyclists shouldn’t similarly avail themselves of its benefits.




Phil Johnston

BUG:  www.Muggaccinos.com


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Subject: push on gone


The push on has gone from the magazine and thus relegated those activists &
Bugs associated with it to third rate status. Bicycle NSW  is distancing itself
from Bugs. Its ceo seems to be more interested in fun rides and insurance.
This year may be the last chance for BUGS to back control of their
organisation. What  do you all think?


If something is not done to reform Bicycle NSW  in 2006 then it will become
even more distant from its members, when the boards 2 year term in office will


We need a Bicycle NSW  that will take the lead in lobbying the NSW state
government and allow the BUGS to consentrate on local government.




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