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Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Wed Aug 30 01:17:04 UTC 2006

Dear Mark,

On 29/08/06 12:54 +1000, Mark Robson wrote:

> I have just viewed Jerey Leggett's presentation to ASPO5

Sorry to be so ignorant, but what is APP05?  Perhaps I should just ask

> titled "Peak Oil, climate change and the arithmetic of carbon
> fuels".
> He points out that the potential solutions to peak oil and global
> warming are very much the same.
> Do we want to add global warming to our website?

Why not?  It can go under energy.

> The maths shows that world is endowed with ELEVEN times the
> necessary carbon fuels needed to send global warming into a runaway
> climate change. Forget oil, if we burn the coal we are toast.
> For those that are interested here's the link:
> http://www.aspoitalia.net/images/stories/aspo5presentations/
> Leggett_ASPO5.pdf
> It seems that any electric future without oil also MUST be one of
> renewable electricity, a coal fired future is not a good one.
> A renewable electric future would require much more bicycling than
> one dominated by electric cars.
> I feel an article coming on, but it will take a month at least to
> clarify ideas.

Great, please go ahead and I'll put it there.
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