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ladies and gents....

Paul O'Loughlin has asked about getting from Blacktown to Prospect
Reservoir (see his email below)... can anyone assist with his question on
how to safely get to the Prospect path?

Also does anyone know if attempts have been made to change the Prospect
gate opening times? Removing the curfew would be ideal, but if that's not
going to work, having the gates open and close at fixed times (eg open 0600
- 2000 all year round) would be an improvement...


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Hi Paul

The best way of effecting change is to get together with other people who
have the same concerns as you. Perhaps as a first step you need to talk
this problem over with the Bicycle User Group people in your area.

I am forwarding your email to Paul Bowyer who is the contact person for
Cyclists Action Movement West (CAMWest) which operate in the western part
of Sydney. (I'm afraid that I don't have a reference table that will tell
me exactly which BUG is relevant to which suburb -- but I'm sure if I've
got the wrong one Paul will be able to redirect you.) I'm sure that they
will be interested in discussing your problem.

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From: Paul OLoughlin [mailto:yowalga at yahoo.com.au]
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To: pushon at shirelife.com
Subject: Blacktown bikes

There is an excellent cycleway that passes through Prospect Reservoir near
Blacktown.  To get there from Blacktown you can follow a nice cycleway some
of the way alongside Prospect Hwy.  Then it just stops and it is very
difficult to negotiate through the intersections with the Great Western Hwy
and the M4.  Then if you are too early the gates at Prospect Reservoir are
closed.  Likewise they close before sunset.  If there was effective
thoroughfare through these areas Blacktown could be linked with Fairfield
and Liverpool via the excellent offroad cycleways that service those
suburbs.  How can this blockage be cleared?

- Paul

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