[CAMWEST-discuss] - RE: Blacktown bikes - can anyone help?

Graham gheap at bigpond.net.au
Wed Aug 30 11:14:59 UTC 2006


Brad Donalson from the RTA is still around and supporting cyclist where he 
can, albeit in a more limited role than previous years. To give you more 
appreciation of some of the issues he maybe able to assist with some of the 
background history to the gate issue, which is controlled by Sydney Water 
and the history to the missing links between St Martins Village and 

Brad maybe contacted at brad_donaldson at rta.nsw.gov.au

Graham Heap

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> Hi All,
> I have tried until I've gone blue in the face trying to get the gate times 
> changed,
> it's simply not going to happen. We are better off trying to get the 
> Pemulway ( West Greystanes )
> alternative completed some time soon.
> Other issue is the main gate at the Blacktown end closes at 4.45 pm year 
> round,
> which really is early in summer, some 3 hours before sunset.
> As for getting from the main gate in Reserviour Rd to Blacktown, much of 
> the cycleway is complete,
> from Harrod St to St Martins Cr. alongside the Prospect Hwy.
> Getting from Blacktown CBD to St Martins Cr is a footpath job down the 
> hospital side
> of Blacktown Rd, altghough back streets like Grafton and Panarama Pde
> into Lock St, left into Tress St, Yale pl and cross the Reserve to Tudor 
> Ave
> may give access to the cyclepath without undue traffic stress.
> At the M4 end, crossing the narrow road bridge over Gt Western Hwy on 
> Prospect Rd is
> only for the very courageous and there is no alternative. Also, be very 
> careful negotiating
> the M4 access roundabout as motorists coming off the M4 are not happy 
> giving way to a cyclist.
> All in all, the off-road shared path section from Harrod St to Reserviour 
> Rd is badly needed,
> and without it Blacktown to Propsect is not nice riding at all.
> Work is under way connecting the Canal cycleway near Gipps Rd to Pemulway 
> ( the old Boral and CSIRO sites ),
> and when Clunies Ross St is extended into Pemulway next year a better 24 
> hour route will be available, including
> Stoddart Rd, Blacktown Rd footpath, Clunies Ross St, cyclepath through 
> Pemulway, cyclepath along Canal.
> The local councillor is trying to advance the Clunies Ross St connection.
> This will be much better than crossing the M4. I have ridden this Pemulway 
> route and it's quite Ok, though
> the litle climb up Blacktown Rd to cross the Gt Western Hwy gets the blood 
> pumping.
> Mark Robson
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> Subject: [CAMWEST-discuss] - RE: Blacktown bikes - can anyone help?
> ladies and gents....
> Paul O'Loughlin has asked about getting from Blacktown to Prospect
> Reservoir (see his email below)... can anyone assist with his question on
> how to safely get to the Prospect path?
> Also does anyone know if attempts have been made to change the Prospect
> gate opening times? Removing the curfew would be ideal, but if that's not
> going to work, having the gates open and close at fixed times (eg open 
> 0600
> - 2000 all year round) would be an improvement...
> Regards,
> Paul
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> Hi Paul
> The best way of effecting change is to get together with other people who
> have the same concerns as you. Perhaps as a first step you need to talk
> this problem over with the Bicycle User Group people in your area.
> I am forwarding your email to Paul Bowyer who is the contact person for
> Cyclists Action Movement West (CAMWest) which operate in the western part
> of Sydney. (I'm afraid that I don't have a reference table that will tell
> me exactly which BUG is relevant to which suburb -- but I'm sure if I've
> got the wrong one Paul will be able to redirect you.) I'm sure that they
> will be interested in discussing your problem.
> Regards
> Jenni Gormley
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> Subject: Blacktown bikes
> There is an excellent cycleway that passes through Prospect Reservoir near
> Blacktown.  To get there from Blacktown you can follow a nice cycleway 
> some
> of the way alongside Prospect Hwy.  Then it just stops and it is very
> difficult to negotiate through the intersections with the Great Western 
> Hwy
> and the M4.  Then if you are too early the gates at Prospect Reservoir are
> closed.  Likewise they close before sunset.  If there was effective
> thoroughfare through these areas Blacktown could be linked with Fairfield
> and Liverpool via the excellent offroad cycleways that service those
> suburbs.  How can this blockage be cleared?
> - Paul
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