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Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Fri Sep 1 02:01:55 UTC 2006

Dear Monty,

On 01/09/06 08:56 +1000, scotty74 at froggy.com.au wrote:
>                i was just looking at your site and i was wondering
>if you have regular rides

I'm sorry to say that regularity is not our forte at the moment, but
we do have some great people who have organised a lot of rides for,
well, just the joy of it.

>that i could possibly join in on in and around the bankstown area

We tend to be involved more with the Parramatta/Blacktown/Holroyd
area than Bankstown, though we do get out over a pretty big area!

>i have just gotten back on my bike after some years

A good idea!

>and i am looking to increase my fittnes as well as enjoy my riding
>but at the moment i do not know many bike tracks/paths near me and
>the maps from the rta are good but unless you carry it with you or
>have a photographic memory are not much help as a lot of signs get
>pulled down. at the moment

I agree that the signposting of bicycle paths is often abysmally poor.
We all share your experience, and some of us work with various
councils to try to improve the situation.

>i am averaging about 23km per hour and do about 45km per ride but i
>really want to increase both of these to at lease 30km per hour and
>70km per ride or more........ i look forward to your responce.

Well, Monty, I'm forwarding this to our mailing list at
http://nicku.org/mailman/listinfo/camwest-discuss where maybe some
people who know more about Bankstown BUGs can help you get in touch
with the right people.


Al the best to you, Monty, and happy and safe riding!
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