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Hi Dan,

You missed the big one for me,
the bicycle 'wombat' crossing.

Where regional cycle paths cross intermediate roads such as Pitt Street,
speed humps for the cars and a zebra crossing for the cyclists.
If this holds the cars up, then put in lights.
Cycle path bound riders should NEVER have to give way to cars doing
60 km/h!!

Mark R

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G'day Robert,
Well said.
As for an advocacy officer, Fiona Campbell has been
out there fighting tooth and nail for some years.  I
don't know if you could drag her away from her
business though.  There are several other Bicycle NSW
members that have also been working hard but I think
Fiona takes the prize.

Well done on generating a financial surplus, that is
quite an achievement.

Without a financially strong Bicycle NSW, other
activities are very much compromised.

Can I suggest the next big advocacy focus;  Cyclists
rights on the road, Change the "Watch for Bicycles"
signs to "Give Way to Cyclists"

And the other is cyclists have priority (motorists
must give way) at conflict situations, round abouts,
intersections and merging.

Congratulations on a job well done keep up the good


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> Dear CAMWESTies,
> Another contribution to the Push On debate.  I did
> not need to trim
> this one; Robert has done it himself.
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> Subject: PushOn and Bicycle NSW
> Dear John
> I have seen your recent email to many of the BUGs. 
> While you did not send it
> to me another BUG member did so.  I am referring to
> the email in which you
> comment on the changes to PushOn and your view that
> Bicycle NSW is  distancing
> itself from BUGs .  I have included the text below.
> I have copied this email to all those to whom you
> sent your original message to
> ensure that they also have access to my views on
> what BNSW has been focusing
> on.
> Let me respond to your latest comments.
>  PushOn has gone from the magazine.   
> Yes, it has.  We informed all members some months
> ago that we planned to make
> PushOn an email magazine, on a trial basis.  This we
> have done.  On a trial
> basis.  Your email implies that PushOn has been
> abandoned.  However, it is now
> available through 2 delivery methods, and not one as
> per the magazine option
> only.  We have informed members that they can get a
> hard copy of PushOn in two
> ways: download the PDF and print it; or ask BNSW to
> send out a printed copy. 
> It remains to be seen whether this will prove to be
> a good move but it
> represents a change from our past practise as we
> look to improve our
> distribution means and thus, we hope, communication.
>    thus relegated those activists & Bugs associated
> with it to third rate
> status.    
> We feel that having a better website, putting the
> rides calendar on the web,
> distributing PushOn by email are all steps that add
> to the information
> available to Bugs and  activists .  The intention of
> the Board and the
> management of BNSW is to work with BUGs and to give
> them more information. 
>  Its CEO seems to be more interested in fun rides
> and insurance. 
> The Board and the administration of BNSW have been
> under great pressure for the
> past few years to ensure the financial survival of
> the organisation.  Lowered
> insurance premiums (which saved us a great deal) and
> adequate patronage of
> rides are both crucial to the very survival of BNSW.
>  As President, I have seen
> it as the most important issue that we have faced. 
> I am  very pleased (as
> reported in the current edition of PushOn) that we
> finished the 2005-06 year
> with an adequate surplus.  For the first time for
> several years, we are in a
> position to do things with a little more
> flexibility. 
> Earlier this year, the Board decided that it wanted
> a full time advocacy
> manager.  This was written into the strategy
> document drafted several months
> ago.  Subsequently, the Advocacy and Election
> sub-Committees have put forward a
> proposal to devote a new full time resource to
> advocacy, with an initial focus
> on the forthcoming state election.  We worked with
> individuals from two BUGs
> active in this area to help formulate our strategy
> and plan. This represents
> the partnership approach we take with the BUGs. 
> When we have recruited for
> this role, this should position us to be much more
> active in this important
> area.
>  If something is not done to reform Bicycle NSW in
> 2006 then it will become
> even more distant from its members  
> I agree that BNSW must be as close to its membership
> as possible.  I know that
> there are things that we have not got right and I am
> sure that will be true in
> the future, too.  But we absolutely recognise and
> believe that we are a
> membership-based organisation and that we must do
> all that we can to work for
> our members.  That said, it is then open to debate
> as to what should be done. 
> Every one has a different idea on what our
> priorities ought to be.  The Board
> considers many ideas but we cannot do everything so
> we do what we think is best
> and what we can find the resources to do.  Anyone is
> free to stand for the
> Board and to work towards whatever they think is
> right. 
>    when the boards 2 year term in office will begin.
> A two year term, with half the Board re-elected each
> year was proposed and
> accepted at the 2005 AGM.  The new two year terms do
> not come into force until
> the 2006 AGM, on 4 November.  None of those elected
> last year have a two year
> term. 
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