[CAMWEST-discuss] Fw: Current BNSW management seems to have arrested adverse financial performance where traditionally a 'mature' business has little room to introduce innovation

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Dear CAMWESTies,

Here is another voice in the Push On debate.  I've taken the
electronic power shears to trim a few kilobytes of repeated messages
from the end, I hope that's okay with you.

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Subject: Current BNSW management seems to have arrested adverse financial performance where traditionally a 'mature' business has little room to introduce innovation
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Fellow BUGs


I am a new boy on the block.  www.Muggaccinos.com, which has provided a 100km
ride each Sunday for almost 10 years, became a BUG about 4 mths ago.  The
support and assistance from BNSW staff to ‘teach me the ropes’ has been
marvellous, with 99% via e-mail communications, and by me following the BNSW
website and www.PushOn.com.au . 


I have been surprised at the resentment during the last week against what seems
to be a new direction by the current BNSW management seemingly necessary to
avert insolvency.


I invite any BUG delegate who has not considered the parlous financial position
in the 04/05 abridged audited Annual Accounts to consider page 4, in particular
the Auditor’s, Moore Stephens, comments under “Inherent Uncertainty Regarding
Going Concern” – also available at www.bicyclensw.org.au ,  The Auditor’s
comments include: “…. There is significant uncertainty as to whether the
Association will be able to continue as a going concern…….”.


As a banker with CBA, I have reviewed lots of audited annual accounts.  I don’t
often evidence a ‘mature business’ readily bounce back following the above tone
of Auditor’s comments.  To do so involves reviewing practices and priorities,
in order to focus on what generates sales and minimises costs.  And when
confronted with possible insolvency, to consign to the back-burner anything
which isn’t improving the bottom line.


‘Start-up’ companies can occasionally obtain more ‘seed capital’ if ‘equity’
(the owners) considers the business opportunities worth tipping in more cash. 
I am unaware of any benefactors who donated cash to BNSW.  But perhaps existing
staff and volunteers have been digging deep to arrest a slide into insolvency,
and been forced to make some tough decisions for BNSW to survive.


BNSW is a business, just the same as every other business with costs and
revenues.  If the revenues don’t cover its costs, the business becomes


Mindful that some BUG delegates place a high priority on advocacy, I hope that
one of them takes up BNSW President’s recent invitation to champion the
Advocacy mandate by joining BNSW’s management Board as the Advocacy delegate.


I too am an advocate.  I advocate that anyone who regularly cycles on public
roads who doesn’t have Public Liability insurance is a dangerous risk to
themself, and to others who cycle nearby.  We are req’d to have a green slip to
cover the cost of personal injury to a 3^rd party whilst driving.  However,
some cyclists foolishly don’t have public liability insurance.  I know a
cyclist who was sued for negligence for well over $500,000 by another cyclist
following a cycle accident.   If a cyclist’s negligence ever results in a
fellow Muggaccinos being seriously injured, I hope the negligent cyclist has 3^
rd party PL so the injured cyclist can more easily obtain appropriate damages.
 Membership of BNSW includes extensive PL. 


NB:      If anyone doesn’t agree with my view that the 04/05 abridged Annual
Accounts contain the portents of insolvency, I welcome their ‘phone call.


Happy trails.


Phil Johnston

02 9513.9532

Nick Urbanik   RHCE         http://nicku.org        nicku at nicku.org
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