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A rather scary character on the Harbour Bridge.  This was sent to our
info at camwest.pps.com.au address.

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Hi Rebecca
Your experience sounds very unnerving. I think that you would need to go to the
nearest police station and make a report. But perhaps others have some other
ideas. We'll see...
Regards, Jenni

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I am not sure who to direct this query to: this morning cycling across the
pedestrian bridge in Darling Harbour, this short older runner in a yellow vest
actually veered off across to bridge to position himself infront of the
cyclists ahead of me. Then he PUSHED the cyclist while yelling at him.

When I neared the same location, the guy actively sought to run next to my bike
and gave me a shove while yelling at me.

This was incredibly disturbing not to mention unsafe. Who can we report this to
with out dialing OOO in a non-emergency but certianly creepy situation?

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