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Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Tue Sep 5 08:48:12 UTC 2006

Dear Steven,

On 28/08/06 23:36 +1000, Steven Lopez wrote:

>I have recently met with Mark out on the Bicycle trip and am looking
>to become a member of CAMWEST… If not already.
>I am a Web Site designer and would like to offer my assistance and
>over-throwing this “raggy” yet efficient software with an even better
>one which will offer full fledge member capabilities… Like Forums,
>and other stuff. This will allow CAMWEST to keep track of Members and

>I am willing to do this all for free and out of good will and would
>love to help you in the maintenance of the site, But with the new
>system I have planned, Any “authorized” member with absolutely no
>knowledge of Web Authoring tools, will look like a PRO using the
>Server software.

>What is required is

>PHP and MYSQL… and a bit of Configuration on part by your Hosting
>Provider (if required).

>Please get back to me via Email or telephone on 0415 903 525 or (02) 96871698

>I am very experienced and have made various sites in the past and
>have experience in other parts of I.T., for an Example of the site,
>See www.ultimate-eaw.com which is based on the engine ill be using if
>you give the green light.

The traffic lights are all green!  Please get in touch.  Perhaps you
did not get my previous email.
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