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Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
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Dear CAMWESTies,

You can see that if we want to be mentioned in Push On, we need to
act before 22 September.  There has been a lot of talk about Push On,
but we have no actual information about CAMWEST in it.  Do you think
that we should have our rides and other activities mentioned there?

Note that we are called CAMWest there.  Is that what we want?  Should
our web site call it CAMWest, or should we ask Push On to change it to

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Well the spring buzzing may continue about whether or not a printed
edition of PushOn is an expenditure that Bicycle NSW should continue
to incur, but the statistics that have come in for the new
pushon.com.au website leave no doubt that it is being well received.
After going "live" on August 1, in its first month the site has had
close to 70,000 hits. There have been thousands of copies of the PDF
downloaded with enough traffic to raise the eyebrows of the hosting
site. The email list includes many non-members (and therefore previous
non-readers of Australian Cyclist) so hopefully we will see a
resulting increase in bums on seats (which is what it's all about,
isn't it?).
You can help

If you notice any problems about the website, if you have any
difficulty using it, or if you can think of any future enhancements to
add to the list, please let me know. The PushOn website is there for
YOUR benefit and can only work probably if it has your input, whether
through the rides calendar, your news input or your feedback.
Recent new enhancements :

  • BUG contact details page

  • Link between each BUGs rides page and that BUGs news (so if you
    have news people can read it when they look at your rides and vice
    versa) (NOTE that this facility only works if you have news in the
    system (for examples of how it works, see MASSBUG rides or
    SharkBike rides) -- so send in your rides reports, your thumbs
    up/down, your activist activity).

Coming soon :

  • ability to view rides for a particular date
  • facility for BUGS to enter their own news stories
  • activating the Comments section of the Thumbs Forum (this will be
    restricted to members of BNSW)

The October edition needs to be created in just a couple of weeks
(PushOn comes out every month now -- not every 2 months as before) so
I need your news, your rides reports, what your BUG is doing in your
area to promote cycling, the good, the bad and the ugly.
Publishing monthly means a need for MORE news, so keep pushing it
out. Deadline for October is September 22.
Jenni Gormley
Editor, Push On
ph 0404 065 376 fax 02 9524 1661
PO Box 254 Sutherland NSW 1499 
PS.: Bicycle NSW needs more bike buddies to make Ride to Work Day a
success www.bicyclensw.org.au/ridetowork. And more teams in Spring
Cycle www.springcycle.com.au. Please contact Bicycle NSW if you can
help: www.bicyclensw.org.au/contact

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