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Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Wed Sep 6 13:06:08 UTC 2006

Dear Steven,

On 06/09/06 21:29 +1000, Esteban Lopez wrote:
>Youre Current site is NOT compatible FULLY with Firefox...

In what way?  Firefox is the browser I use to develop with.

>Joomla is a better ENGINE.

than what?  At present we are using only CSS, and the mailman

>I will try to use SMF Forums...

Do you mean http://www.simplemachines.org/ ?

>All of this is Open-Source so it can be fully adjusted...
>I hope these answer your concerns...

There are many questions that I am not clear about.  Please read on.

>> Please subscribe to CAMWEST-discuss (there's a link from the menu
>> on the web site).  I am CCing this to the list, so that others may
>> respond.  I am not CAMWEST, just a relatively newly interested
>> person.  At the moment, "being a member" is very poorly defined,
>> but approximates to being subscribed to the CAMWEST-discuss list.

You still have not subscribed to the list.  It is a good idea for you
to join the list so that you know what we are doing.  If you are not
familiar with mailing lists, I can subscribe you if you are not sure
how to.  On the other hand, you could read

>> >I am a Web Site designer and would like to offer my assistance and
>> >over-throwing this raggy yet efficient software
>> Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.  What software?  Do you
>> mean Mailman?

I still don't understand what you mean.

>> >and other stuff.
>> such as?

What other stuff do you propose?

>> >This will allow CAMWEST to keep track of Members and numbers.
>> Well, I do have a list of all subscribers to the mailing lists.
>> >I am willing to do this all for free and out of good will and
>> >would love to help you in the maintenance of the site, But with
>> >the new system I have planned, Any authorized member with
>> >absolutely no knowledge of Web Authoring tools, will look like a
>> >PRO using the Server software.
>> Yes, it would be nice to have people look after things themselves
>> more.  One friend's experience with using Drupal and Plone is that
>> his customers still are hesitant to change things, and that he
>> still needed to do a lot of the editing.  But I agree; it would be
>> nice to have free flowing discussion on our web site, with support
>> for members to add their comments.

>> What do you propose doing?  How do you propose integrating what has
>> been done already, with Joomla! ?

This is perhaps the most important issue.
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