[CAMWEST-discuss] Total overhaul of the web site

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Wed Sep 6 18:50:59 UTC 2006

Dear Folks,

Well, I have completely remade the entire web site.  It is no longer
possible to get the old pages over the web.  Requests for old pages
will be redirected to the new pages.

The site is much bigger than I thought.  A lot of it is linked to in a
very obscure way.  I still need to come up with a clearer way of
getting to the vital stuff.

Can anyone suggest a suitable photo of happy cyclists to put on the
front page, as you suggested, Ian?

I have copied parts of Martin Olmos's TODO list.  If anyone feels
inspired to contribute something, I'll put it on the web site.

I am open to any ideas you may have on ways to change the site for the

* use free tickets to Tizzana ride, etc, for competitions, etc. Or
  maybe half price tickets? Competitions: Why Bikes are good - short
  essay; Top 10 list (Why I love bikes, why bikes are good, etc).
* Use the power of stories somehow, to envision what 'could'
  be. Postcards from the future.
* Do a profile of subscribers each issue, with simple questions and a
  small photo. Wd create a bigger sense of community. If people don't
  volunteer, we cd start with camwest people. Cd also use free ticket
  rides as incentive.
* competition for kids drawings on 'Riding safely', put up the top
  10-20, with a bit of text. 'The winners will be placed on the
  web...', or put all of them. It'd be good to get recognised. Add a
  blurb at the bottom to parents on 'Become involved in providing your
  kids with a safer cycling environment'.


* interview other bugs, bike north, on what they do, how they do
  advocacy, etc.
* helmets debate
* cycling in outer Western Sydney
* bikes and the mentally ill
* bikes for the poor,disadvantaged,mental illness
* Land used/wasted on car parks.value land,mixed use.park levy,policing
* bikes and the environment: pollution, air and noise. global
  warming. supports urban consolidation.
* bikes for the poor,disadvantaged,mental illness
* Land used/wasted on car parks.value land,mixed use.park levy,policing
* election yr,fed funding
* riding for disabled - interview parra guy
* intervie someone from 'Urban Frontiers', a group at UWS doing
  research and advocacy. See shortcut under 'street reclaim', in net
* riding for older people, ask harry owen from bnsw
* interview with hills council cycleways lady, karen smith, on
  achievements, role of councils, challenges, why, benefits for
  councils and local communities. KSMITH at bhsc.nsw.gov.au
* interview with Mark Diesendorf, Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS.
* traffic calming
* cycle touring, tourism
* facilities at work
* history of bikes in parrammatta
* Living without a car - interview Rob
* Riding with kids: include ideas (ride them to school), rides, new
  rules, exercise, obesity. Ask for support, include a sample letter.
* child obesity, big issue.
* riding in 'western sydney' (west of parra): int hugh, hawkesberry

* give medical reasons for cycling.
* good bibliography, on citizen involvement, cycling, transport, etc.
* list of rides around the area, with maps, times, etc.
* goals
* how to become involved
* what we would want
* why cycling is good
* outline/description of the western sydney area
* mention regular rides
* say what we are doing, current
* outline current cycling policies for all parties
* safety tips on riding
* what to do in an accident, reporting abuse, etc.
* how to write to the newspaper, MPs, etc
* have some kind of chat, discussion place. maybe moderated? so people
  can send stuff and we publish and respond, etc
* kit for advocacy: documents, links, advice, letter templates, stats,
  etc. (include url in all press releases, letters)
* media kits, make it media friendly to get stats, etc.
* mission statement, manifesto
* stuff of parramatta sister cities, esp cycling groups there. see
  from council stuff what they are.
* area covered by CAMWEST
* get news from latest 'push on' edition. offer an eversion?? We'd
  need a deal with Bike NSW and the other BUGs.
* Downloading of govt reports, papers?? at least
  links. eg. casualties, expenditure on roads, pollution levels, etc.
* stolen bikes service? List any stolen bikes, so people can look out
  for them. I wonder if this would work...
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