[CAMWEST-discuss] BUG report, and Steven Lopez's offer of help

Leanne Rylands l.rylands at uws.edu.au
Sun Sep 10 05:16:15 UTC 2006

Dear Nick,
I'm running firefox under windows 5.1. I have no trouble with the
2nd level menus. (Just tried it)

I dont' spend as much tiem browsing the camwest website as much as I
could, but haven't had trouble for a long time. Note that usually I use
another machine which runs firefox under windows, but probably different
versions to what I have hear now.


> Dear CAMWESTies,
> I have just spoken with Steven Lopez, and better understand his offer.
> The first thing he said is that the menu system on our existing web
> site is broken, and doesn't work properly in his Firefox 1.5 running
> on Windows.  He said that the second level menus disappear before he
> could click on them, making navigation very difficult.  That is why he
> hasn't had much of a look at the web site.
> DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THAT PROBLEM?  This is the first bug report I
> have had on the web site and am very keen to solve it if others are
> having any major problems like that.
> ==================
> He proposes to install Joomla!.  Joomla! would totally replace the
> current web site, and importing the existing web site would be a
> manual process, which would involve copying and pasting each page.  It
> would be an all-or-nothing choice.
> All the URLs would have to move, and would require redirects in the
> web server setup for every page for existing links from external web
> sites to still work.
> Steven is very busy, with no time to subscribe to the mailing list or
> read the discussion on it, and would have limited time to help with
> the manual work involved.
> I propose setting up a test Joomla! site to investigate the amount of
> work involved in migrating; I might move a smaller site into Joomla!
> first as a trial.  I won't put any deadline on that, as I have other
> things to do myself.  Steven said that he can help with the migration,
> but not with moving the old site over to Joomla! in its entirety.
> I would probably be able to (eventually :-) write a Perl program to
> automate the migration, but I would need to better understand the
> internal structure of Joomla! first.
> I will contact pps.com.au to ask them if we can use Joomla! on their
> server, or whether we can install Joomla! on their server.
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