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Dear CAMWESTies,

This looks REALLY worth reading.  Is anyone interested in getting
CAMWEST $250 per ride?

On 11/09/06 14:22 +1000, Catford, Robert wrote:
>Dear Nick,

>Can we circulate this to Camwesties. This might be the type of event
>we need to get soem energy back into Camwest. I might even be able to
>run one wearing my Dept of Veterans Affairs cap on as well.

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>Subject: Financial support for BUGs
>Dear BUG convenor,

>Your BUG will be able to earn $250 for organising a ride during next
>year's Seniors Week (11-18 March 2007). If you organise multiple
>rides, you'll earn $250 per ride (eg. 2 rides earns you 2 * $250 =

>To earn the money, send me your rides by early October this year. The
>rides will be printed in a booklet to be sent to thousands of
>seniors. Apart from the money, it's a great way to promote your BUG.

>The money is paid by the Department of Ageing Disability and Home
>Care ("DADHC"). They asked Bicycle NSW to liaise with the BUGs and do
>some of the admin.

>It doesn't matter how much you actually spend. No need to keep
>receipts or account for the money. You'll simply receive a fixed $250
>per ride. You will have to provide free morning tea or lunch or
>afternoon tea (depending on what time of day you have your ride) to
>the participants. For example, take them to a local cafe.

>The requirements for the rides are further below. Nothing too
>hard. It's mainly common sense things - eg. not too far, safe route,
>etc. After the ride, we'll ask you for a bit of reporting - eg. how
>many riders came along. But again, this is pretty minimal.

>A number of BUGs organised rides for the last Seniors Week (earlier
>this year), and are hundreds of dollars richer as a result. $250 can
>be very useful, eg.  for stall hire, printing flyers, etc.

>I am keen that your BUG gets in on the act and organises at least one
>ride. It is good for your BUG - money and promotion - and having lots
>of rides during Seniors Week tells the government that there is an
>active cycling community.

>For inspiration, and to get an idea of what sort of information to
>provide to me, have a look at one of the rides done for last Seniors


>If you have any questions, please contact me.

>Please send me your rides by early October. Any format (flat text,
>Word, whatever you want) is fine. Again, you'll earn $250 per ride.


>Matt Perdeck

>Bicycle NSW

>Requirements for rides

>1) Must be during Seniors Week (11-18 March 2007).

>2) Safe Route - use off road cycleways and/or quiet roads with little
>motor traffic.

>3) Scenic or other Interest - take the ride through a nice scenic
>area, or past interesting historic buildings. Have a popular
>destination point.

>4) Require minimal fitness - keep ride length generally under 20km,
>if possible avoid steep hills, have plenty of rest stops and route
>short cuts.

>5) Provide refreshments - you need to provide morning tea / lunch /
>afternoon tea as appropriate to the participants free of charge. That
>is, your BUG needs to pay for this! No need to go overboard, just
>come up with something nice.

>6) Bicycle hire - if you provide free bicycle hire to participants,
>you'll receive an additional $200 for that ride. So if you start at a
>bike hire place, and pay for the bike hire yourself (so the
>participants don't have to pay), you can claim $450 for that ride
>instead of $250.

>In short, go for nice, easy rides through a nice area and/or
>interesting historical sites and provide free morning tea or lunch or
>afternoon tea.
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