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Dear CAMWESTies,

More news from Jenni: the "Thumbs Forum".

Thanks to whoever posted Mark's ride on the Push On web site.

It's probably a good idea to put the October Hills ride there too,
since, as I understand it from Danny, there will be no blanket
insurance covering the riders.

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Alex has asked me to forward his note below to my BUGS list. (It contains
important news and we wanted me make sure that the most up-to-date email
addresses were used.)

I'd especially like to draw your attention to the new Thumbs Forum on the
PushOn website (http://www.pushon.com.au/news/news_Thumbs.asp). The idea is to
provide members of Bicycle NSW the opportunity to discuss issues freely and
immediately. I anticipate that from time to time such discussion may form the
basis of articles in the monthly magazine edition of PushOn.

The initial news posts need to be sent to me (to start a new discussion topic),
but comments in response can be freely posted by all members of the forum. The
forum is self-moderated in that users need to notify me of inappropriate or
offensive comments. I will then act as quickly as possible to remove them.

We'll see how it goes... The goal is to improve all aspects of the website over
time, but it's a step in the right direction I think.

Jenni Gormley
Editor, Push On
ph 0404 065 376 fax 02 9524 1661
PO Box 254 Sutherland NSW 1499

Hello BUGS around NSW,
Many of you will have seen the significant changes going on at Bicycle
NSW. After a particularly challenging few years, the organisation is moving
steadily towards achieving a greater degree of financial viability and
sustainability relative to the very difficult financial circumstances the
organisation has experienced for many years. More details will be provided in
the 2006 Annual Report to be mailed to all members at the end of October in
time for the 4th November AGM. 
However with little time to waste as the March 2007 State Election draws near,
the Board of Bicycle NSW has approved the recruiting of a "Head of Advocacy"
position, details of which appear on the Bicycle NSW website at http://
www.bicyclensw.org.au/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=6 . In addition
Bicycle NSW has made a submission to the NSW Draft State Plan, and a copy is
available for download from the Push On website at http://www.pushon.com.au/
In a period of great change a decision was made on a trial basis to dispense
with including a printed copy of Push On in the Australian Cyclist magazine
mailed every second month to all members. This was a hard decision, but was
made primarily to free up resources to approach the range of tasks and
priorities facing Bicycle NSW in a more effective way. In particular to provide
BUGs and members with greater voice and service through the Push On website,
which is developing fast. Many ride leaders will remember the complexity and
deadlines of the rides calender process little more than a year ago, when
errors in rides details were rife as they got lost in the complex process of
translation into the rides calender. Now the on line rides calender allows ride
leaders control over the content and copy in their rides, with ability to
search and edit rides more easily. New functionality making the rides calender
more user friendly is coming on line regularly, further encouraging members
of the community who don't ride bikes to get out and give it a go. News
reporting can now be more timely, indeed almost immediately via posting on the
website, and twice as often with Push On being available every month rather
than bi-monthly.
And now the Push On site is launching yet another new function designed
specifically to provide BUGs and Members with a forum to share ideas and
information. The THUMBS FORUM is designed to help generate wider discussion, to
make the issues discussed more public. In short it is a way for BUGs and
members of Bicycle NSW to interact about issues of interest, both positive and
negative. To leave a comment on a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down story, register
(once) and login. (To initiate a "Thumbs" send your submission to
pushon at shirelife.com or MMS to 0404 065 376)
Making change means making progress, but it also means making mistakes and
learning from them. There has been feedback from some members and BUGs re the
changes to Push On and Bicycle NSW has listened. Starting with the November/
December issue Australian Cyclist magazine will include a permanent Push On
page, which will provide a contact list of all BUGS throughout NSW (This would
be a good time to check that your BUG contact details are correct at http://
www.pushon.com.au/Admin/listBUGs.asp) and allow Bicycle NSW members to opt
in to have a printed version of Push On posted out each month.
Remember the deadline for the next monthly edition of PushOn is the 2nd last
Friday of each month. So for the October edition that will be 22nd September.
Please feel free to forward this email to anyone on your list who you consider
relevant, many thanks and enjoy your riding!
Alex Unwin
Chief Executive Officer
Bicycle NSW

Tel: 02 9218 5410
Fax: 02 9281 6099
Email: aunwin at bicyclensw.org.au
Internet: www.bicyclensw.org.au



                         It's Spring! Get on yer bike!

                   Wednesday 4th October - Ride to Work Day
                     see www.bicyclensw.org.au/ridetowork
   Sunday 22 October - Portfolio Partners Spring Cycle Sydney's premier fun
                          cycling event for all ages
                          see www.springcycle.com.au

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