[CAMWEST-discuss] Saturday's ride

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Mon Sep 18 05:59:24 UTC 2006

Dear CAMWESTies,

RE:  This weekend's ride to Olympic Park

The bad news is that I have fractured the cup on my rear hub. Carrying my growing 20 kg
passenger has taken a huge toll on the wheel and the symptom of
continually breaking spokes has now been properly diagnosed.	

The worse news is that I cannot get a replacement hub before the weekend.

So unless someone will step up and lead the ride it will have to be cancelled.
Rob had volunteered to assist by riding at the back.

Since the weight will destroy the wheel of anyone that offers a replacement bike this is 
not a request to borrow a bike.

You do not necessarily have to follow my route plan, just head down the M4 path to Olympic Park
and find somewhere for coffee.

Sorry for the late notice, we expected to have the wheel rebuilt 2 weeks ago but it has gone very badly.

At this point the Oct 15 ride is still Ok, as I expect to have the wheel up and ready by Sept 30th.

Mark Robson


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