[CAMWEST-discuss] Saturday's ride

Ian Macindoe imacian at bigpond.net.au
Mon Sep 18 23:16:15 UTC 2006

That's great, Mark. I leave it to you for the publicity and letting past 
riders know it's on. I'll just turn up at start at 1pm and we'll do the 
ride. I trust Rob K will be along. May even get one or two other CAMWESTIES 
to join us.
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> Hi Ian,
> I 'borrowed' your planning document.
> here it is
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> Hi Mark
> I may be able to help. Apart from what is on the CW website, do you have 
> any
> further info, including offers from others?
> Ian
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>> Dear CAMWESTies,
>> RE:  This weekend's ride to Olympic Park
>> The bad news is that I have fractured the cup on my rear hub. Carrying my
>> growing 20 kg
>> passenger has taken a huge toll on the wheel and the symptom of
>> continually breaking spokes has now been properly diagnosed.
>> The worse news is that I cannot get a replacement hub before the weekend.
>> So unless someone will step up and lead the ride it will have to be
>> cancelled.
>> Rob had volunteered to assist by riding at the back.
>> Since the weight will destroy the wheel of anyone that offers a
>> replacement bike this is
>> not a request to borrow a bike.
>> You do not necessarily have to follow my route plan, just head down the 
>> M4
>> path to Olympic Park
>> and find somewhere for coffee.
>> Sorry for the late notice, we expected to have the wheel rebuilt 2 weeks
>> ago but it has gone very badly.
>> At this point the Oct 15 ride is still Ok, as I expect to have the wheel
>> up and ready by Sept 30th.
>> Mark Robson
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