[CAMWEST-discuss] Saturday's ride: update on web site

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Tue Sep 19 03:50:31 UTC 2006

Dear Paul and other CAMWESTies,

On 19/09/06 13:30 +1000, pbowyer at qantas.com.au wrote:
>The recent SASS magazine (a new Parramatta mag put out by Cumberland
>newspapers) had coverage of this ride and it showed a start time of
>1.30pm.  It would be good to either delay the start or have someone
>wait for anyone who's read the SASS page... sorry that I can't
>volunteer to help out!

I have updated the web site to clarify this particular point.

Mark wrote to the announce list saying that the start time would be
1:00 PM, and since this would cause the ride to finish before dark
even if there are breakdowns and other such problems (as there were in
the first ride), I guess that the best thing is to try to start it at
the right time.  Does the article point to our web site?  If so,
perhaps that would help people.

I *might* be able to be there at 1:15 PM and stay there for half an
hour with a book.  However, I would need some suggestions as to how
any people coming at 1:30 could catch up with the ride.
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