[CAMWEST-discuss] Saturday's ride: update on web site

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Tue Sep 19 04:24:18 UTC 2006

Dear Mark and CAMWESTies,

On 19/09/06 14:20 +1000, Mark Robson wrote:
>One idea I had for the catch up is to run 2 groups,
>the front group with no tail rider.
>The second group would be of faster riders. Their task would be to
>catch the lead group.

Okay, that cuts me out, as I have to be in Granville at 3:00 PM.  But
it sounds like a good idea.

>From the start point instead of crossing Gt W Hwy at the lights and
>using the shared path the chase group would go straight ahead at KFC
>and climb the hill much faster using the T-Way bus lane, and make a
>right turn into Burnett St, and head down Franklin St to Australia St
>and the Fox St underpass. It's an on-road route that's faster than
>the shared path.  I reckon they would catch the first group by
>Silverwater Road.
>It will also be helpful to split into 2 groups to cross Silverwater
>Rd as the traffic island there is quite small.
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