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Hi Rob.. .I'll put it in by end of tomorrow

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Hi guys,

I haven't heard back from Blacktown Council about support for a ride on
Oct 7th....
I'll go ahead and organise one anyway.  Is anyone available to help?
Could someone please enter the following ride into push-on (I haven't
registered as yet), and Nick, would you mind putting it up on the
CAMWEST site pleae:

Saturday Oct 7th : Blacktown Tour
Start: 9 am at the carpark on the North side of Rooty Hill Railway
Station.  Finish at the same place.
Distance: Approx 30km.  Pace: Slow-Medium.  Grade: Easy, but some
Traffic (Shared path and some local roads, with crossings of major
roads.  Ride along the Great Western Hwy shoulder for a short distance).
 Call Rob on 9864 8797 if weather look dodgy.



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