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Thu Sep 21 07:32:42 UTC 2006

Dear Jenni,

Please could you change the name of CAMWEST on Push On:


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It has always been CAMWEST as far as I'm concerned, although some members 
keep using other formulations (for reasons that are always a mystery to me). 
As an acronym it makes sense to write it in full as Cyclists' Action 
Movement WEST which, when one takes the first letter of the first three 
words, gives CAM and then add WEST to get CAMWEST. This has been our 
traditional name and acronym and, in my view, looks better than camWEST, 
CAMwest, or any other combination of letters.
PS I'll be able to give you the updated news on our work with Parramatta 
City Council after the next meeting of the Parramatta Cycleways Committee. 
As for the rides, better to ask the two Robs, Paul, and Mark to assist.

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>Dear Folks,
>I noticed that we've nothing at the Push On web site, so I wrote to
>Jenni to ask her about it, and this is what she said.  I'm not really
>a rides coordinator, and could do little more that copy and paste what
>people have given me about rides they have organised, so perhaps
>someone else may like to update our Push On news and rides.
>By the way, are we CAMWest, CAMWEST, or how do you like our name to be
>The Push On entry for us is at
>and our news is at
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>From: "Jenni Gormley, Push On" <pushon at shirelife.com>
>Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 15:08:52 +1000
>To: <info at camwest.pps.com.au>
>Cc: "'Brian Fong'" <BFong at bicyclensw.org.au>
>Subject: RE: Push On Website
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>I already have two Rides Coordinators for CAMWest, Ian Macindoe and Paul
>Bowyer. Do you want to create a third or are you replacing one of these?
>Whatever you decide, the administrative work over confirming passwords and
>verifying people's membership is done by BNSW, so I've forwarded your
>request to Brian Fong who looks after these things. As soon as you sort it
>out with him I will add you to the list and you'll be able to enter rides.
>I have Robert Catford listed as the Contact person. Please advise BNSW if
>this has changed so the details can stay up to date.
>Regads, Jenni
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>2006 2:17 PM
>To: Jenni Gormley, Push On
>Subject: Re: Push On Website
>On 23/08/06 01:12 +1000, Jenni Gormley, Push On wrote:
>>Don't forget to get in touch straight away if you have any difficulties, 
>>and to let me know of any enhancements you would like to see.
>I'm sorry, I don't know what our password is to post rides on the pushon
>site.  How do I go about getting one?

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