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Dear CAMWESTies,

Here are two things for your calendar.

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From: "Matt Perdeck" <mperdeck at bicyclensw.org.au>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 18:47:39 +1000
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Subject: Tell Iemma Cycling Matters

Dear BUG convenor,
The William St bike lane closures, and the changes in Lane Cove, show that the
Iemma government seems to think that there are votes in curtailing cycling.
Bicycle NSW is organising two mass events that hopefully will change their
mind. This email is to ask you for your help in making these events a success.
Ride to Work Day - Wednesday 4 October
This event is to encourage people to give riding to work a go. A long running
success story in Victoria, this is the first time it is run in NSW.
This is a serious large-scale event, already attracting a lot of support. For
example, Bovis Lend Lease - a major international company - will host a
breakfast for all riders at their corporate headquarters in the CBD.
Having more people cycle to work rather then drive can make a tremendous
difference in terms of congestion and pollution.
Please help make this a success by spreading the word, and specifically by
attracting visitors to the Ride to Work Day page at
We are also looking for bike buddies and bike buses, to help new inexperienced
Portfolio Partners Spring Cycle - Sunday 22 October
The annual family-friendly fun ride from North Sydney over the Harbour Bridge
to Olympic Park. Last year we had 7500 participants. This year we're aiming to
send a strong signal by attracting 10,000 participants.
Please help us attract riders. More participants means a louder message to the
government. And more ticket sales means more funds for Bicycle NSW to promote
* Create your own BUG team and ask your members, your friends, and everybody
else you know, to join in. Details at
* Spread the word in your area. For example, you could put posters in bike
shops, libraries, gyms, etc. Call us for posters at (02) 9218 5409. Or download
* If you are involved in a school community, help get the next generation of
Australian cyclists pedaling, by entering a school team. Visit http://
www.springcycle.com.au/schools.html for details.
Thanks in advance for your support,
Matt Perdeck
Head of IT and Information Systems
Bicycle NSW

Tel: 02 9218 5409
Fax: 02 9281 6099
Email: mperdeck at bicyclensw.org.au
Internet: www.bicyclensw.org.au



                         It's Spring! Get on yer bike!

                   Wednesday 4th October - Ride to Work Day
                     see www.bicyclensw.org.au/ridetowork
   Sunday 22 October - Portfolio Partners Spring Cycle Sydney's premier fun
                          cycling event for all ages
                          see www.springcycle.com.au

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