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Fitz's Cycle Challenge is now barely ONE month away.

Now; a word to the wise:

Be aware that the THARWA Bridge has been closed for repairs. In fact, I am
advised that the bridge is closed even to pedestrians and cyclists.

The way to Tharwa is now as follows: going south from Canberra follow signs
directing you to Pine Island Crossing.  Once over the Murrumbidgee follow
signs (to the left) for Tharwa. The detour is not extensive, about 6km only.

Please also be aware that 29 Oct, the day of Fitz's Challenge is the first
day of DAYLIGHT SAVING in the ACT.  My GPS gives sunrise on the day at 05:44
am but I'm not sure if that allows for daylight saving.  The point of course
is SAFETY and cyclists should consider riding with suitable lights, at least
at the rear.  This will only affect the Fitz's Epic and possibly Fitz's
Classic riders.

Just to remind you again, the 2006 Fitz's Challenge will take place on
Sunday October 29 which is now barely one short month away.

We have our web site up and running so those of you who wish to make an
early booking rather than waiting till "the day" can now book and pay

As can be seen from the table below, the savings to be made by booking early
are significant so, 


Our website is: http://www.pedalpower.org.au

Under "latest news" you will find the "Fitz's Challenge ON LINE Entry link.
Click on this and you will be taken to the Fitz's Challenge page which
provides a bit more detail and within the text is the link to the online
booking form.  So there you go.

With four rides of 48km, 96km, 158km and 210km there's a ride in it for YOU.
The two longer rides contain the lung-busting Fitz's Hill, and the Epic
contains the really challenging ride up the Corin Dam road.  But don't fret,
Margaret and I expect to be waiting for you at the top, ready to dispense
sundry energy-packed goodies and sympathy!  All this takes place in the
beautiful foothills of the Brindabellas.

In the meantime you can start training and start thinking "Fitz's Challenge
- how far will I go!"

The Rides are: 

Note the 158km ride is now called Fitz's Classic.

 Start and finish at the Tharwa Hall in Tharwa Village to the southwest of

Ride	Distance	Start	Target time	Entry Fee	
				Up to 22 Oct	On the Day	
Fitz's Epic	210 km	06:30	12.5 hr	$35	$45	
Fitz's Classic 	158 km	08:00	10.0 hr	$35	$45	
Tharwa Challenge	96 km	08:30	6.0 hr	$25	$35	
Tidbinbilla Challenge	48 km	09:00	3.5 hr	$20	$30	

As usual with these emails, should you no longer be interested please send
an email to:
Fitzs at pedalpower.org.au <mailto:Fitzs at pedalpower.com.au>  with the word
"unsubscribe" in the subject line and I will remove your name from the list.

Bill Robertson,
Pedal Power Volunteer 
Fitz's Challenge 
Email Coordinator

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