[CAMWEST-discuss] Fw: Fitz's Challenge 2006 ONLY 31 SLEEPS

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...and so did this:

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Subject: FW:  Fitz's Challenge 2006 ONLY 31 SLEEPS
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You should use the POINT HUT crossing and NOT the Pine Island one as I
10000 apologies.

Bill Robertson,
Pedal Power Volunteer 
Fitz's Challenge 
Email Coordinator

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I tried to book and pay for one of the Fitz's ride today but the system
through me off telling me that I was not authorised to use the credit card
facility. I just thought that you should know of the problem.

Bill, please tell people to go via Point Hut crossing as Pine Island does
not have a crossing and none is planned prior to the event. Tharwa Bridge
will be closed to bikes and pedestrians.


Peter Thompson
Project Manager
Roads ACT

(02) 62076829 or 0419 639154

Email   peter.thompson at act.gov.au 

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