[CAMWEST-discuss] Deadline for Push On is 6 October!!!!

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Tue Oct 3 07:48:29 UTC 2006

Dear CAMWESTies,

This deadline is very close.

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Hi everyone.
I know it seems ridiculously soon, but this email is to let you know that the
deadline for the next edition of PushOn (November) is next Friday (6/10). We
have had to change the production schedule to better fit the workload at BNSW,
so this short time frame is a "once off".
So, I know it's very close, but if you have any news (perhaps you've been on
great rides over the long weekend -- you DID remember to stop and take photos,
didn't you?) please send it in. Also your news about things you have planned
for the future or issues your are fighting for/against in your local area.
>From now on the deadline for PushOn will be 5pm on the first Friday of each
month. The PDF will be available for download from midday on the following
Thursday. Copies for members without internet access who have requested a hard
copy will have their PushOn mailed out to them on the 2nd Friday of each month.
This PDF will include rides for the following calendar month. (So, the November
edition will contain rides for November and will be available on the 2nd Friday
of October.)
Remember to get your rides up to date before the deadline. Note that after
their "use-by-date", your ride details remain in the system for 12 months. So
if you want to do a ride again you only need to change the date.
Jenni Gormley
Editor, Push On
ph 0404 065 376 fax 02 9524 1661
PO Box 254 Sutherland NSW 1499

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