[CAMWEST-discuss] Stall at Spring Cycle Finish

Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Wed Oct 11 23:32:55 UTC 2006

Hi guys,

Just saw about the stall at the Spring Cycle finish from the email that
Nick forwarded (section copied below).  I'm keen to volunteer...Is
anyone else?  I haven't registered for the ride as yet, so would be
available from 9am.  Would someone else be available later in the day?



* Free publicity for your BUG! - book a stall at the Spring Cycle Finish
-  Sunday 22 October, Sydney Olympic Park
As part of the Festival of Cycling at Sydney Olympic Park, Bicycle NSW
has organised a 'Hall of Cycling' marquee at the finish area of the
Partners Spring Cycle on Sunday 22 October.  BUGs are invited to reserve
a free
space within this marquee for an information stall.
Volunteers will need to be present to man your stall from 9am until
mid-afternoon.  Refreshments (lunch and drinks) will be provided for your
volunteers.  If you would like to promote your BUG, but are unable to have
anyone there at a stand of your own, we can arrange for your leaflets to
be displayed on the Bicycle NSW stall.
If you need help getting your promotional materials to the site at Sydney
Olympic Park, Bicycle NSW could assist with this, however all materials must
be at the Bicycle NSW office by 5pm on Thursday 19 October.
The deadline for booking a stall is Tuesday 17 October.  Please contact
Muntz on 02 9218 5413, to reserve a stall at the Hall of Cycling or for more
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