[CAMWEST-discuss] Bucketloads of fabulous rides now on web site

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Tue Oct 17 00:16:11 UTC 2006

Dear CAMWESTies,

while I have been away in Hong Kong, Rob Kemp has arranged the rides
to Mitchell Park and the introductory two-day ride to Cattai, which
looks as if it will be very enjoyable, and great fun.  I have copied
the details from the Push On entries which were kindly entered by Paul

To all people who would like to go on the Cattie camping trip, please
note that the deadline for confirmation is just a few days: Wed 22

Please could you check that I haven't made any mistakes, Rob, as I
hate to mislead and confuse the people who might like to get more
involved with cycling.

I have also added the Chaingang capers to our web site. I hope that I
have put everything as clearly as I can.
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