[CAMWEST-discuss] Fw: 3rd annual KOM Challenge: Ardent hill climbers invited to join 30 Muggaccinos BUG cyclists to climb 13 "King of the Mountain Climbs" around Kangaroo Valley and Kiama between 15 / 19 Nov

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Dear CAMWESTies,

Here is a challenge for the fit among you.

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Subject: 3rd annual KOM Challenge:  Ardent hill climbers invited to join 30 Muggaccinos BUG cyclists to climb 13 "King of the Mountain Climbs" around Kangaroo Valley and Kiama between 15 / 19 Nov
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Fellow BUGs

Cyclists amongst BUGs seem to have different views as to the function/purpose
of BUGs.  I think it is primarily to provide safe, healthy bicycle rides and
events that motivate fellow citizens to cycling in ride groups with physical
and emotional benefits due to enhanced fitness whilst enjoying themselves. 

Muggaccinos rides do not draft in a Peloton, because whilst it is nice to get
sucked along at higher speeds, the likelihood of a fall is materially

Some BUGs are heavily into advocating for better cycling infrastructure which
is commendable.  However, I think that due to the proliferation of Motorways eg
M2, 4, 5, 7 etc, that Sydney is equipped with an array of lower traffic roads,
particularly on Sunday mornings, which not enough competent cyclists are
familiar with whereupon they stick to a few local routes rather than ride all
around Sydney’s perimeter.

Muggaccinos BUG focuses on road rides with a penchant for conquering hills.  It
has 31 ride routes around the perimeter of Sydney ave 110km (with shorter
options), passing thru ‘inter alia’ the following suburbs, where we probably
see as many motor bikes as cars.

                West Head, Palm Beach ferry, Lisarow, Mt White, Peats Ridge,
                Kurrajong, Windsor, Richmond, Springwood, Blaxland, Picton,
                Cobbitty, Royal National Park, Austinmeer, Wollongong Harbour

Cyclists are required to understand their duty of care to fellow cyclists in
Ride Participant's Liability Acknowledgment eg. riding 2 abreast on a single
lane road with an unbroken centre line is taboo.


If you have any strong hill climbers amongst your BUG interested in a
challenge, Muggaccinos BUG invites them to conquer the toughest cluster of
marvellous King of the Mountain Climbs in Greater Sydney and Illawarra by
clicking on 3^rd^ annual King of the Mountain Challenge.

>From our home base at Berry Showground, we climb 13 very tough King of the
Mountain Climbs over 5 days around pristine Kangaroo Valley and seriously hilly
Kiama between Wed 15 and Sunday 19 Nov.

Presently 30 cyclists from Muggaccinos have indicated they are attending
between Wed 15^th and Sunday 19^th of November.

Berry Council kindly allows cyclists to camp in the pristine Berry Showground
for $6 per night with hot showers and an adjacent 20m heated swimming pool.

The only cost to attend is $6 per night if you camp or more to stay in one of
the pubs, motel or B&B listed in the Bullsheet.

We invite you to help promote the bestest cluster of tough King of the Mountain
Climbs in NSW by grabbing your trusty tent, sleeping bag and bed roll and drive
or catch the train to Berry.  Attend from Wed 15^th to Friday 1th Nov or Sat
and Sunday or all 5 days, if you have the quads or low gearing because Jamberoo
Pass, Saddleback Mountain, Camberwarra Mountain, Berry Mountain ‘et al’ are
tough climbs.

Phil likes hills so much he built www.KOMpm.com so ardent Climbers can Register
as a Climber and log their Climb Times up 52 marvelous KOM Climbs across
Greater Syney and Illawarra. 


We welcome hearing from you by e-mail or phone Phil Johnston (02) 9513.9532 if
you are interested in joining us at Berry in 2½ weeks.

Happy trails

Phil Johnston aka Bank Teller (02) 9513.9532

3rd annual King of the Mountain Challenge*
Climb 11 KOM Climbs in Southern Highlands
        Camp at Berry Showground between Wed 15 and Sunday 19 Nov ‘06
www.Muggaccinos.com invites you to camp at scenic Berry Showground and
cycle over 5 days the bestest cluster of tough climbs in NSW - nestled
around pristine Kangaroo Valley and verdant Kiama.
Click on folder "Berry King of the Mountain Challenge - The Bullsheet"
at www.Muggaccinos.com for all details.
Utilising Berry Showground as a home base enables cyclists to catch the
quaint local train service to Bombaderry, Kiama and Albion Park Rail on 3
of the 5 days to climb 6 of the below 11 KOM Climbs in the
Illawarra Climb Region.
1.    Woodhill Mountain,
2.    Bellawongara Mountain,
3.    Camberwarra Mountain from Bombaderry,
4.    Camberwarra Mountain from Kangaroo Valley,
5.    Berry Mountain from Berry,
6.    Berry Mountain from Kangaroo Valley,
7.    Jamberoo Pass,
8.    Macquarie Pass,
9.    Saddleback Mountain Rd,
10.   Fountaindale Rd up Saddleback Mountain; and
11.   Barrengarry Mountain to Fitzroy Falls.
Rides commence from Berry on the other 2 days to climb remaining
5 KOM Climbs.
If you have concrete quads you might scale the above Climbs on a double
chain ring, so long as you have a 25 or 27 on your rear cassette.  However,
a triple chain-ring is recommended.
Muggaccinos 1st Commandment is:
      “Hills are your friends, and mountains are your mates.”
Flatter day rides SW of Berry are available for rookies and woosses.
No bookings at Berry Showground req’d and only $6 per night per head
camping fee - 20m council swimming pool is 100m from Berry Showground
Berry is a showpiece of the Southern Highlands with lots of things to do,
people to see, places to go and pubs to visit, when not cycling its
marvelous mountains.
Not every cycle enthusiast can get days off work in early Nov, so approx.
half of attendees will drive down early Saturday morning to Albion Park
Rail for final two days of climbing – 5 climbs.  It is less than 2 hrs
drive from Sydney Harbour Bridge to Albion Park Rail early on Saturday
Contact Phil Johnston (02) 9513.9532 or ScribePJ at tpg.com.au if you would
like to be added to the Berry King of the Mountain
Challenge likely attendance schedule" in The Bullsheet.  If at the 11th
hour you have to bail-out, no worries, ‘cause there is always next
*     Previously known as Tour de Bong Bong as the format enables cyclist
    to attend annual Bong  Bong Picnic Races on the Wednesday afternoon
    after climbing Woodhill Mountain.

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