[CAMWEST-discuss] gear for cycling to work

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Fri Nov 10 20:56:50 UTC 2006

Dear Mark and all CAMWESTies,

I've put Mark's article at
http://camwest.pps.com.au/health/thinking-of-cycling-to-work.shtml so
that it is under Health.  Hmm, perhaps there is a better place to put
it, can anyone suggest a better place on our web site?

On 10/11/06 12:15 +1100, Mark Robson wrote:
>It's amazing just how much you need to ride 52 weeks of the year
>and be comfortable.
>I'm worried this will turn people off riding to work,
>but it could explain the 'hurdle' of getting started.
>Mark R
>On Friday, 10 November 2006 5:41 AM, Nick Urbanik wrote:


>>I was going to create a list of items a cyclist would need in order
>>to attempt to cycle to work on a regular basis.
>A good idea!
>>I'll work on a page and send it to you.
>Thank you.
>Now I'm commuting every day to Chatswood along the Parramatta
>Cycleway, I might even have an idea or two to put on a commuting
>page.  I'm finally starting to get fit.
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