[CAMWEST-discuss] gear for cycling to work

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Mon Nov 13 22:06:40 UTC 2006

After writing the list of 'necessities' that I found in my kit bag
I'm starting to worry that it may turn off potential new commuters. 

Something needs to be added about how you don't need all the stuff at once,
and about starting out riding 2-3 days a week on the 'nice' weather days,
and about how all these things make great birthday, Xmas, mothers/fathers day presents
and the 'kit' can therefore be built up over a number of years.

I like the line in Dr Rissel's document that a 15 minute each way
cycle to and from work each day reduces risk of heart attack and associated other nasties
such as diabeties by FORTY %!

I'll keep working on it,
comments and suggestions apreciated.

Mark R

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Dear Graham and other CAMWESTies,

On 12/11/06 15:35 +1100, Graham wrote:
>Hi Nick
>Perhaps another good place for Mark's article would be Pushon and
>capture a new audience, even some of Danny's article's could be
>published on this forum.

Great idea!  Would someone who has write access to Push On like to do that?

>Articles can ether be published as news or under BUG's news.  People
>can also leave comments.

It would be nice to implement a system for discussion on our CAMWEST
site too.  It's on my TODO list, though it's not as high up that list
as I would like.

>At Windsor Cyclists the use of Pushon rides calendar has even generated new 
>riders to our 2 very popular mid week rides.

Excellent.  I was not aware of these rides before.
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