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Dear CAMWESTies,

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From: "Critical Mass" <sydcriticalmass at gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 21:53:41 +1100
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Subject: Critical Mass Harbour Bridge Ride - FRIDAY 24 NOVEMBER

>>Please circulate far and wide <<

5:30pm Friday 24 November

Your once a year chance to ride in celebration north across the
Harbour Bridge with thousands of smiling people on bikes! Experience
the magic that is Critical Mass - and encourage the State Government
(and opposition) to do more to support cycling - and other forms of
active, sustainable transport.

[where] Hyde Park Fountain (north end)
[transport] In your own, human powered, individual way, or with help
from the train to St James station.
[contact] Critical Mass info-line 9990 2911
[email] webmaster at bikesarefun.org
[web address] http://www.bikearefun.org

----\\ [the full rave] //----
Climate change, peak oil, growing obesity, rising interest rates -
what can you do? Ride a bike :)

With only 4 months to the NSW election, this is your chance to
encourage all the parties to commit to funding good cycling
infrastructure and social programs (eg. bike to work, bike to TAFE
programs, family bike days).

The ride is suitable for anyone with a bike, scooter or skateboard.
It's a friendly, easy ride along an unmatchable scenic route. There
will be food and music afterwards at the North Sydney Noodle Markets.
Please bring your own non-disposable cutlery and crockery if you plan
to eat at the markets.

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