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Dear CAMWESTies,

This was sent to the CAMWEST-announce list which is a read-only list,
but I thought I would send it to you in case anyone has some answer to
Mark's question.

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Subject: Cycleway from M7 to T-way

A quick question on whether anyone knows a cycle link between the M7
and Fairfield Hospital (Prairievale Road, Prairiewood). I

currently get off the Horsley Drive exit from the M7 cycleway and the
shared pathway along the Horsley Drive takes me to Ferrers

Road, where it ends. There is a shared pathway again on the Horsley
drive from the Cowpasture Road intersection which links to the

T way (which is great), but I would prefer not to have to use the
Horsley Drive between Ferrers road and the

Horsley Drive/Cowpasture Road Roundabout because, although it is quite
a short distance, it is quite steep and early morning cars

and trucks come downhill quite fast and in the afternoon aren’t all that
tolerant of cyclist using road and going ‘slowly’ uphill.

There is also the cycleway which goes from the Prospect Reservoir to
Fairfield City Farm but I don’t think this links onto

Cowpasture Road soon enough to be useful in my situation.

If no other options, could we ask the local government to consider
extending the existing shared pathways to meet up?

Mark Buhagiar
Physiotherapy Service Manager
Braeside Hospital
Phone: 9616 8618
Pager: 24505 through switch 9616 8600
Fax: 9616 8605

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