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To all people who would like to put our articles and rides on Push On:
the deadline is Friday, 1 December, three or four working days from now.

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Subject: PushOn -- January 2007
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Hi everyone
I hope you've all been enjoying your pre-Christmas rides. I know I have.
Whether it's hot, cold or wet it's always better to be out on a bike than
anywhere else, I reckon. And I'm sure you all have some great tales to tell and
pictures to share with the rest of us.
The deadline for the January edition of PushOn (which will be sent out/
available for download around 8/12/06) is this Friday. Please try to get your
material to me by then (or at least let me know that it is on the way and will
arrive over the weekend).
Jenni Gormley
Editor, Push On
ph 0404 065 376 fax 02 9524 1661
PO Box 254 Sutherland NSW 1499

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