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Some LBUGgers might share BN's concern about M2 access denial.

>>> Keith Griffin <communications at bikenorth.org.au> 14/01/2007 10:09 pm
Special BN News

Hills M2 Motorway - Cycle Access Denied

Cyclists will be banned on the M2 westbound from Delhi Road to  
Beecroft Road from the end of January 2007.

On Friday 12 January 2007, Bike North was contacted by Transurban  
(the company that owns the Motorway) advising that they were  
converting the cycle lane/breakdown lane into a third traffic lane  
with no more than two weeks notice and zero consultation. Cyclists  
will be banned.

See press release: http://www.hillsmotorway.com.au/ 

We have been offered an extremely poor alternative route using  
existing roads and paths. The alternative is much slower, much  
hillier and much less safe than the M2. The only upgrade will be  

BN advocacy people hope to negotiate the best possible outcome, given 

the short notice, but you can help us. Please go to the new M2 Action 

page and write some letters. Do it now, because we must have emails  
to the relevant people within 48 hours.

Go to: http://advocacy.bikenorth.org.au/m2/ 

Also please spread the word about this problem with any cyclists you  
know who use the M2, whether they be in Bike North or not. This  
affects everyone, and we need everyone to help.

Doug Stewart
Ryde Convenor
Bike North Inc.
ryde at bikenorth.org.au 

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