[CAMWEST-discuss] Fw: CAMWEST and the M2 closure issue

Nick Urbanik nicku at nicku.org
Sat Jan 27 03:48:14 UTC 2007

Dear CAMWESTies,

Closing a precious, hard-won bike lane is an important issue that we
should speak out against.

I will post some information about this issue on our web site, and
will try to find out more information about the issue.

I would like to know details of where the bike lane is that is being
closed, and where the closure begins and ends, and the reasons given
for this.

If anyone is aware of this, please post it to the list so that we can
put some real, useful information on our web site about this, then we
can contribute something useful to the action.

If anyone wants to write something about it, I will happily put it on
our site.  I think we need hard information as much as possible.

I'm sorry that I missed posting this before the ride today; I've been
working hard in my garden and am now exhausted :-)

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Subject: CAMWEST and the M2 closure issue
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As you would know the M2 propose to close the westbound bike lane from
Delhi Rd to Beecroft Rd. This is an issue which may affect many of
your members and non-member cyclists in your area.

We are working with the RTA and Transurban, but we would like your
assistance in the following ways:

* post a note on your web page about the issue.  You can put a link to
  the Bike North page for more information. Particularly encourage your
  members to write to the Minister for Roads and Transurban.

See :   http://www.bikenorth.org.au/

* post a message to your lists about a ride tomorrow morning
  (Saturday) at 9am from the end of Vimeira Rd Marsfield. Even if your
  members don't ride with others, it would be good for them to ride on
  the M2 tomorrow. We'd like a good show. (Sorry about the late notice
  on this one)

* Also can I suggest that CAMWEST contact Transurban (
  enquiries at hillsm2.com.au ) explain who CAMWEST is and request
  Transurban and the RTA meet with you to discuss the impact on western
  Sydney cyclists. Although Bike North is meeting with them, they need
  to know they have other cyclist clients. It would not be convenient or
  even reasonable to include CAMWEST in our meetings, so I suggest you
  ask for meetings over in your territory. Somewhere convenient for
  you. Obviously you need to know what is going on and what is planned.

* The RTA have documents on their web site at:


* Transurban have documents on theirs at:


We'd be happy to keep in touch and share information with you.

Doug Stewart
Ryde Convenor
Bike North Inc.

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