[CAMWEST-discuss] Brief Aust Day w/e ride report

Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Tue Jan 30 21:59:49 UTC 2007

> How did the Australia Day ride go?

Hi Nick,

The ride itself was excellent, although there was only two of us (Myself
& Brook) that did it.  We met up with some other friends on the Friday
night at Wheeny Ck who drove in and camped there.  The days were a bit
too warm for my liking.  Apparently Saturday was quite windy in Sydney;
We didn't get much of that, probably because most of the day was spent
in the Colo River Valley.  Probably about a third of the ride was on
gravel road.  Most of this was in good condition, however there were a
few sections of moderately corrugated and rutted roads (Going down a
long steep hill at around 10 kmph, having to stop for a couple of rests
to give hands aching from holding both brakes on a bit of a rest etc).  
We also walked parts of some of the longer/steeper climbs - In
particular the climb out of Wheeny Ck, and up to the ridge on West
Portland Rd (near the Lower Portland Ferry).
  The camping at Sackville Gardens (just near Tizzana Winery) was
probably the best value paid site I've been to at $4 per person.
  I'll update some details of the ride on the bikely site within the
next week or so.  We got to East Kurrajong Rd via Glossodia  & Tenyson
Rd which has some quite steep pinches, but I think the Old East
Kurrajong Rd (which was used on the Tizzana Winery Ride) is a better option.
I wouldn't mind doing it again when the weather cools down a bit.  
If starting & finishing in Windsor, and camping at Upper Colo Reserve (A
bit further along, in the next valley from Wheeny Ck), you could
probably do it as a two day ride.  But it was quite relaxed doing it as
3 days.
There really is some excellent riding around the Sydney area....


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