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Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
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Happy New Year All,

I certainly wouldn't be organising any rides within this time frame,
 so Rob the dates are yours as far as I'm concerned; and good on yu for doing it.

I remember the year we all ran one or two rides each, 
Camwest should continue that. 
Even one each per year is enough to keep the interest going.

I have an idea to do the entire M7 by using the railways to shorten up the ride,

e.g. meet at Walpole St, ride to Granville, train to 7 hills, M7 to Liverpool, 
train back to Merrylands and complete loop by bike, but don't have a date yet.

Mark Robson

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I'm tentatively thinking about rides on the following dates.  I haven't 
entered them on push-on as yet.  Is anyone else planning on leading some 
Camwest rides over the following few months?

* Sat Feb 10th Start 8am Rooty Hill - Castle Hill Gourmet Food Market 
and return.  Approx 40km  Shorter option of starting/finishing at Seven 
Hills Railway station.
* Sat Feb 17th Start 9am, Lillies on the Park Cafe, Bicentenial Pk. 
Olympic Pk Loop. Easy ride (Child friendly).  Distance 18km. Bike hire 
facilities at start.
* Sat Mar 3rd Start 9am, Guildford end of Prospect Canal Shared path 
(Cnr Trenton & Military Rds, Guildford)  Guildford-Prospect Reservoir 
Loop.  Easy ride (a few short hills though).  Mostly shared path. 
Distance 22km. 
* Sun Mar 11th Start 10am, Lillies on the Park Cafe, Bicentenial Pk. 
Olympic Pk Loop Seniors Ride. Easy ride (Child friendly).  Distance 
18km.  Bike hire facilities at start.


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