[CAMWEST-discuss] Fw: Tour de Warrumbungles 2007, Four rides with Rob Kemp

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Dear CAMWESTies,

Some of you may be interested in this.

Many of you might be interested in Rob Kemp's four rides.  Have a look
at our web site for details.

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Subject: Tour de Warrumbungles 2007
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Hi all you BUG people 
We're running the Tour de Warrumbungles for the 5th year on Sunday 
April 1 with a social ride on the Saturday morning and dinner together 
on Saturday night.   
Entry fees are $20 per adult and $45 for a family (2 adults + children) 
with any profits going to local Emergency Services (VRA and Rural Fire 
All rides finish at the Warrumbungle National Park Visitors Centre with 
a sausage sizzle and prize draw.  Non-riders must pay entry to the 
National Park as usual.  Cakes and more sausage sandwiches will be 
available for purchase 
A bus will be provided to take riders back to their starting places if 
necessary but we'd like to know about that beforehand.  We'd also like 
to get as many entries as possible in beforehand to help us with 
I've included information about the rides in this email.  If you want 
entry forms or maps, they can be downloaded from 
www.coonabarabran.com/cycling or contact Milton Judd on 6843 4446. 
Could you please pass this information on to your members.  We'd love 
to see them for one of the rides. 
Jane Judd 

Η	50 km Astronomical Ride is for very fit riders who love big 
mountains.  It starts at the Coonabarabran Visitor Info Centre (CVC) at 
8.30 am, and registration is from 8.00 am at CVC.  The ride goes by 
back streets to the Timor Road then up to Siding Spring Observatory 
before the downhill run through the Warrumbungle National Park to its 
western boundary before returning to the National Park Visitors centre 
for lunch. 

Η	43 km Big Hills, No Spills Rocket Ride is for experienced 
cyclists.  It starts at the Coonabarabran Visitor Info Centre at 9.30 
am with registration from 8.30 am at CVC.  Riders stay on the Timor 
Road once they’ve left town and ride directly to the western boundary 
of the Warrumbungle National Park before returning to the park Visitors 

Η	23 km Comet Rush Ride is for experienced riders seeking a 
downhill thrill.  It starts at Siding Spring Observatory (SSO) at 10.30 
am, with registration from 10.00 am at SSO.  This is a spectacular and 
exciting 16 km downhill run from the Observatory through the 
Warrumbungle National Park to the western boundary before returning to 
the park Visitors Centre for lunch. 

Η	12 km Stardust Orbital Ride is for novice or young riders, 
starting at Strathmore Turnoff in Warrumbungle National Park at 11 am, 
registration from 10.30 am at Strathmore.  Participants ride through 
undulating hills and spectacular scenery to the western boundary of the 
National Park before, once again, returning to the Visitors Centre for 

 All rides will finish at Warrumbungle National Park Visitors Centre by
                               12.30 pm.
                       All rides are on bitumen.


        Coffee and cakes available at Siding Spring Observatory
   Lucky Riders Prizes - Drink Stops - Free Sausage Sandwich with all
   All proceeds after costs go to local Volunteer Emergency Services

Adult entry - $20;  Student concession - $10;  Family entry (2 adults + 
students/children) - $45 

Save money by entering in advance!  You can still enter on the day but 
the cost will be $5 more for single entries and $10 more for family 
groups.  Cheques are payable to Warrumbungle Wheelers BUG. 

Information: Milton Judd 02 6843 4446, PO Box 420. COONABARABRAN. NSW 
	Or	wwbug at coonabarabran.com 

Other Important Stuff 
Saturday 31 March 
For those who arrive early, there will be a Coffee Ride on Saturday 
morning, starting at the Coonabarabran Tourist Centre at 9.00 am.  This 
will be a 27 km circuit starting to the east along the Purlewaugh Road 
(bitumen) and returning along the River Road (also bitumen).  There are 
a 6.5 kilometres of dirt road linking the bitumen.  It’s a really 
pretty ride.  We will finish for coffee/breakfast/lunch at the Woop 
Woop Café in Coonabarabran. 

For the last four years we have met for dinner at the Imperial Hotel 
Bistro.  You can’t miss it.  It’s in the middle of town near the 
clocktower.  No need to book or pay in advance.  It’s just an 
opportunity to meet a few people in pleasant, inexpensive 
circumstances.  We look forward to seeing you there. 

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