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Dear CAMWESTies,

Kate sent this with more than half a megabyte of attachments.  I have
taken the liberty of putting them on our web site, then putting links
to them here in this mail I am sending to you.

The three documents are:

In particular, she wants us to update the details in the spreadsheet.
Please could one of you do that, since I am doing on-call duty this
weekend for Optus and have many other distractions happening.

Also, I am not sure what to put!

This is copied from the spreadsheet for our group:

NSW Bicycle User Groups (BUGs): Cyclists Action Movement West
Region: Sydney Metro
Metro SubRegion: West Central
Local Council: Blacktown, Holroyd, Parramatta (Auburn?, Bankstown?)
Name: Robert Catford
Phone: 9633 9185
Email: info at camwest.pps.com.au
Web site: http://camwest.pps.com.au
Contact Details 2: camwest-announce at nicku.org (Rob Kemp)

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From: "Kate Marley" <KMarley at bicyclensw.org.au>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 19:37:16 +1100
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Bicycle NSW:  Advocacy News for BUGs

Dear NSW BUGs,
I hope you are all well.  Election fever is upon us with a month to go before
we have our say!  
We all know the benefits of cycling inside out (positive impact on
climate change with reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, on the
obesity epidemic and other chronic illnesses, on reducing traffic
congestion...) and we need to keep passing these messages on to our
friends, family and colleagues.  However, now is THE TIME to inform
the politicians and make sure they really hear the messages.
I will keep this newsletter to two points, however I really need your
help on these matters.
Bicycle NSW Policy Recommendations

On Friday 16th February, we distributed a Media Release (see attached)
announcing the launch of Bicycle NSW's Policy Recommendations (also
attached).  This information is also available at:
The Media Release and Policy Recommendations have been sent to key
stakeholders & advocates, interested parties, media outlets, as well
as all Members of the NSW Parliament (obviously including your Local
Now is your chance to make a difference and make your voice heard
regarding cycling in NSW, by contacting your Local Member / Candidate
to see if they have seen the Bicycle NSW Policy Recommendations and
finding out their views on cycling.
A great initiative by the CPF has been launched - 'vote4cycling'
campaign - in advance of the NSW State Election.  The web site is now
live and is a fantastic resource for local electioneering and cycling
advocacy: http://www.vote4cycling.com.au
BUG Contact Details

I know that I requested an update on contact details last year,
however we are still receiving a number of email bounce-backs, as well
as trouble getting through to phone numbers.  In addition, I need to
send (by post) BUGs a copy of the Seniors Week 2007 event program
(containing the Seniors Rides), so I need your physical addresses.
Whilst we are here updating contacts, I thought this would be the best
time for BUGs to confirm the areas (local council areas, regions) they
cover.  This will assist us with the SubRegional & Cities Project, but
more importantly, it will benefit you....as potential new riders will
be able to correctly identify the BUG to contact.
1) Please check the attached spreadsheet
2) Amend / correct / complete as necessary
    a) Are all the contact details correct? (NB: email addresses in
       Italics have bounced back)
    b) What is your physical address? 
    c) What is/are the Local Council Area(s) that your BUG covers?
    d) and if you know, what is the Region that your BUG falls into
       (see explanation on the spreadsheet - e.g. Sydney Metro, North
       East, etc)? 
3) Confirm this has been done by return email (attaching the updated
   spreadsheet or details) by Wednesday 28th February
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Many, many thanks!
Keep those wheels in motion!  - Kate
Kate Marley
Head of Advocacy
Bicycle NSW

t:  02 9218 5414
f:  02 9281 6099
e: kmarley at bicyclensw.org.au


NSW Big Ride 2007 - Tour de Mid North Coast

9 days, 8 towns, 500 kms of forest & coastal riding!

17-25 March 2007 - see http://www.bigride.com.au/


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