[CAMWEST-discuss] T-way Shared Path - Parramatta to M7

Rob Kemp robkemp at tpg.com.au
Thu Mar 8 11:44:15 UTC 2007

Hi Kate,

I rode the section of the T-way shared path between Parramatta and the 
M7 this afternoon.
(Anyone else, feel free to comment/disagree with the following!!)
This is not meant to be an exhaustive saddle survey, just a few quick 
notes & observations.

(1) I'm assuming the route follows Argyle St from Parramatta station. I 
couldn't see any bike markings for the first block or so, then 
markings/signalised bicycle crossings on the north side of Argyle St.

(2) Cross over Pitt St, and the route appears to go to the right, 
although this is along a narrow footpath which is unsigned.

(3) Go into Parramatta Park.  No curb-ramp to the roadway.  Perimeter 
road is one-way shared bike/walk/car.  No T-way markings.  Coming from 
the other direction, the route through the park is a lot further.

(4) I assume you're supposed to exit at Queens Rd.  No bike markings.

(5) At the corner of Queens  & Hawkesbury Rds in Westmead, the footpath 
has been widened.  Turn left for a short distance, and then cross over 
Hawkesbury Rd into Darcy St (bike signalised crossing).

(6) There IS a cycleway along the north side of Darcy Rd, past Westmead 

Along the route there are a number of signs in the middle of the path - 
some with reflective tape, and some without.

(7) After crossing Toongabbie Ck on a fantastic new bridge, at Hart Dr 
(Cumberland Hwy) the shared path ends.

(8) The next section appears to be on residential streets.   The part 
that isn't constructed as yet is a short section around a noise wall and 
through a wire fence into Harvey Murray Park, and onto Lurgan St, 
Wentworthville.  From this point take Doig St and Ferndale Cl.  The 
shared path begins again at the Old Windsor Rd end of Ferndale Cl 
(Opposite Hammers Rd).  I'm not aware of any safe way around this piece 
of missing path.

(9) From there to the M7, the path is basically in.  At another crossing 
of Toongabbie Ck, the path passes under Old Windsor Rd.  There was a bit 
of muck on the shared path at this point from the recent rains.  Just 
before Gibbon Rd, there's a short section of the path missing and a 
barrier across the path.  There is a service road alongside the missing 
section, so although you have to slow down/stop to lift bike onto the 
road then back onto the path it's far from ideal but doable.

(10) At the M2 entrance crossing, there are pedestrian lights but no 
bike crossing lights.  Also the barriers on the shared path on the 
north-west corner of this intersection are very 'creative' (read not 
cycle friendly).

I have photos of some of the above mentioned points which I can email 
through in the next couple of days if interested.



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