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Dear CAMWESTies,

Is anyone familiar with the location Peter is talking about?  Can
anyone help him?

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Subject: Rouse Hill T-Way
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Hi, I am new to bicycle riding having just purchased a new Bike late
last year.  I was anticipating using the proposed cycle path along the
new Parramatta-Rouse Hill busway but have been astounded to find that
a cycleway has not been included with this T-way between Abbott Road
and the Cumberland Hwy including the bridge over Toongabbie Ck and the
two overpasses at Abbott RD and the Cumberland Hwy. I understand
CAMwest puts in a lot of voluntary effort to get better outcomes for
cyclists and I would just like to ask if CAMwest was aware that this
was not going to happen. I wrote to the RTA but no reply. I attempted
to ride along the alternate paths along Old Windsor Rd but found it a
daunting task especially crossing some of those very large
intersections like the M2 exit/entry. Very unsafe if you have
            This seems to be a tragic lost opportunity to link the M7
cycleway with Parramatta in a safe cycling environment. Is all hope
lost to make safe cycling a reality?

            Yours sincerely , Peter McGuire

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