[CAMWEST-discuss] Bike path/route closures

Michael Goard mpgoard at ihug.com.au
Sun Apr 1 01:23:27 UTC 2007

Yesterday when riding back home from Meadowbank Wharf, I observed some signs which indicate bike path or route closures

  1.. Riverside pathway in Sydney Olympic Park will be closed between Wilson Park and Louise Savage pathway over the Easter long weekend 6th to 9th April due to The Great Escape Festival being held at the Newington Armoury , Detour via Newington Road and busway, and Holker Street.  (this was on a sign resting against the wall of the Armoury Cafe in the eating area). 
  2.. Thackery St Bridge will be closed in April for works on bridge bing carried out by Sydney Water and Parramatta Council. Don't remeber the exact date closure commences, but I think it was around 5th April. 

I have been unable to find additional information on the web on sites such as Sydney Olympic Park, Parramatta council, RTA, or Sydney Water.

Michael Goard
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