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The closed section of the M7 is around 2km in length and is maybe 5 - 10
km in from the M2 (I rode it 2 weeks ago).  It's closure is apparently due
to subsidence. The detour route is not signposted at all. The remainder of
the M7 path between M2 and M4 is good, as was the M4 to M5 section last
time I rode it.  In fact I've vever found the M4 - M5 section of the M7 to
be other than good condition. It would be nice, however,  if they would put
some extra ramps in (gutters are hard to ride on a road bike!), especially
at Chandos Rd and at the Gt Western Hwy.


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Hello everyone,
                   I spoke with Alex Unwin today about the involvement of
BNSW in the Parramatta T-Way problems. Alex has suggested that CamWest put
together a submission to BNSW regarding the issue and he will take that to
the Minister which will hopefully also raise the issue with the RTA. His
sugestion was also that I approach him in this instance as a member of
CamWest in the first instance & stating that I am also a Board Memebr of

Alex suggested that we condense our current discussion emails on this issue
and forward them to him, together with the fact that we are trying to meet
with Parramatta City Council Traffic Commitee re same.

He also suggested some contact with Blacktown City Council re this issue as
well. To that end, is anyone aware of problems or incomplete areas of the
track beyond Parramatta's jurisdiction that we can document and raise with
the Minister's office & RTA?

After my ride of a small section of the cycleway, I was amazed at the lack
of maintenace & the state of the track already. I was also surprised at the
state of the start of  M7 section & I am led to believe that there has been
at least one significant mud slide further along that path. Can some one
confirm this please, along with the current state of the M7 path?

Therefore, could you please forward any additional problems or issues that
you may be aware of regarding this costly, yet currently mostly useless
piece of infrastructure as soon as possible through the discussion board? I
will compile a reply to Alex as soon as I have a sufficient amount of
information, possibly by this time next week. I will forward a copy to the
discussion before forwarding it to Alex.


John Holstein

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