[CAMWEST-discuss] photos of Camwest in action

Mark Robson Mark.Robson at australwright.com.au
Thu Apr 26 04:52:28 UTC 2007


Hello everyone,
	Last week we were asked by Parramatta Heritage Centre for some photos of Camwest in action,
preferably at identifiable Parramatta locations.  This is something we don't have much of,
and would be very useful for promoting Camwest activities. In short, photos of us in action leading 
rides past 'iconic' locations. A quick look at the Heritage Ride web page yields some good locations
like the park gates, St Johns church and so on. Crossing the Oar bridge with the city skyline behind,
or along the river with Church St bridge behind spring to mind also.

I am prepared to take the photos, and the next Heritage Ride would be the perfect opportunity.
If anyone can provide a more professional job than my 5 Mpix digital point, autofocus and shoot camera
I would be happy to stand aside and be the orange shirted model for the photos. 

All we need is a crowd, a ride date and a leader.

So will there be another Heritage Ride, and when might it be?

Mark R

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