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Subject: FW: Three fund-raising / activism options for BUGS

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Subject: Three fund-raising / activism options for BUGS

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I - Community Development and Support Expenditure (CDSE) scheme - NSW

This is a good fund-raising opportunity for BUGS interested in
funding Bikeability Toolkit seminars, rides, workshops, community
development activities generally (which fall under Category 1 - see
on line information for an explanation).  Likely, but not necessarily to
be of particular assistance to BUGS running activities targeted at
socio-economically disadvantaged groups e.g. recycle bike projects.

This program is generally administered by your local government. Details
of the local committees that will assess your application and give you
further information about how to apply and what is likely to be funded
in your particular area is found at

A 'How to apply' web page is found at

For an immediate voice at the end of a phone, call Ms Emma Cannen Clubs
NSW on 1300 730 001 or email cdse at clubsnsw.com.

Deadline:   Various ie depends on local committees, but note that the
CDSE funding year will now end in August, rather than November.

II - Local Answers Program (for BUGS, particularly if your BUG runs 
events for families and/or the community and can make the case that your

community is 'disadvantaged', though this should not be an impediment to

seeking funding through this program).

Local Answers projects strengthen local communities by funding local,
small-scale, time-limited projects that help identify opportunities to
develop skills, support children and families.

Organisations can apply for up to $300,000, over two years, for projects
which will encourage a preventative and early intervention approach to
strengthening the community and building our ability to give children a
better start in life.

The applications should also show how projects will assist individuals
to get involved in community life through local volunteering, mentoring
or training to build leadership skills.

Guidelines and an application form for Local Answers Round Five are
available from the Department of Families, Communities and Indigenous
Affairs website on 

Applications open on 27 April 2007, and close at 5 pm, 25 May 2007.

III - National Awards for Local Government

Non-monetary award scheme run by the Dept of Transport and Regional
Services (DOTARS) which closes May 11, 2007.  Better hurry. Lots of
categories, but consider it an opportunity to reward your council for
doing work on cycling by nominating them for an award.

Website: http://www.dotars.gov.au/local/awards/index.aspx

Guidelines: http://www.dotars.gov.au/local/awards/categories2007.aspx

Appl. Form:

Email: awards at dotars.gov.au

Freecall: 1800 065 113

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