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   Just a reminder re the Illabunda Open day on 27 May 2007 between 10am & 3pm. There will be an address about 11am re cycling in the area. 
There will also be some light refreshments available for those who brave the ride up the hill.
I have accessed a lot of brochures & posters through the Cycling Promotion Fund & if anyone has information on other alternative methods of transport, please feel free to let me know where to access thta information or bring it along on the day. The methods I would like to look at include public transport, walking ( particularly a walking school bus) or any other methods of transport. A range of different bicycles would also be nice to show people what is available.
Unfortunately, Ian McIndoe will not be available with his electric assist.
Look forward to seeing you there. Please feel free to pass on the email to any non cyclists out there.
John Holstein

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed"

Hello everyone,
                   Illabunda Village (www.illabundavillage.com.au) is a proposed housing development at Winston Hills on five acres of what has previously been over the years, native bushland, a golf course, dairy farm & private home. The current owners have been living there for fifty years and now need to redevelop the site but instead of simply building as many dwellings as is legally allowed, they have opted to retain over half the site as green space. Dwellings have been limited to 18. This is in stark contrast to the neighbouring development where there are 65 dwellings squeezed  into a  similar area.  Rainwater, grey water & storm water will be harvested , treated and used on the site. Areas have been set aside for community gardens, wetland areas and quiet retreat areas & residents will be encouraged to work from the site. Their description of the development is: 
"Illabunda is a unique residential housing project which brings 
ecologically sustainable living into urban Sydney."
Part of the development process has bee community consultation and information and to this end, open days are held on the fourth Sunday of each month. I attended the most recent one and the theme was permaculture, no-dig gardens & native seed gathering. It was very well run and informative.
What has this got to do with cycling? The next Open Day on 27 May 2007 will be themed "Transport". The development will offer car sharing and encourage the use of Public Transport, cycling and walking as methods of commuting.
As part of the open day there will be information on cycle commuting. I have been asked to provide that information and will do so on behalf of Bicycle NSW in my capacity as a Board Member. I hope to provide an information stand for the entire day (10am to 3pm) as well as presenting a short talk on cycle commuting.
The purpose of this email is to invite cyclists along firstly to view this innovative project & secondly, to have an opportunity to showcase cycling to the prospective buyers of these properties.
If you are part of a BUG, why not organise a ride and allow about an hour to tour Illabunda. It is located close to the new Nor West T-Way , the commencement of the M7 Cycleway & the end of the M2. However, be warned, if you plan to travel along Oakes Road, there is one hell of a hill to climb, although it is a lovely ride back down. A suggested alternative is to come in from Gibbon Rd into Langdon Rd to Buckleys Rd.
If you are city based, the alternatives are about a 35 k ride from the city to the site by your favourite route or you can make it a combined Rail & Ride Trip & have the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful, efficient rail network to Parramatta or Westmead & then ride from there. It is up to you which method you choose.
Want some more information, visit the website (www.illabundavillage.com.au),  give me a call (0410662390) or  email the owners Jonathan Cook (onetreehillprojects at optusnet.com.au)
Best wishes,
John Holstein

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed"

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