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Ian Macindoe imacian at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jun 20 23:18:23 UTC 2007

A meeting (as you say: 'gasp') in a home would be a novelty these days, but 
is an excellent idea.
Depending on interest, day/date and time, my place might be available.
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> Hi guys,
> John Holstein and the BUG sub-committee of BNSW is organising a BUG
> survey.  The initial email asking for BUG contact person & postal
> address was sent to a few Camwesties, including myself.  Just wondering,
> who should/wants to respond?  Should we try and hold a meeting (gasp)
> once the forms have been received by the nominated person, so we can
> truly make a group response?
> Keep those wheels a turnin',
> Rob
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