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Hi folks,
         I must apologise for being tardy but a few other commitments have slowed progress.

Firstly,a quick report on the recent open day at Illabunda. Many thanks to Rob Kemp & Michael Goard for their assistance.Rob spent the whole day assisting & Michael was also there for a large part of the day.

The day was well attended with over 100 people in attendance throughout the day. We handed out quite abit of literature & generated a good amount of interest from the crowd. I have quite a few maps & brochures left over if anyone has a use for them at any time.

Special thanks to Karen Bagshaw from Bicycle Recycling who spent the day amusing the children with her crafty ideas for old bicycles. She also had an excellent display of old bikes & if you have any old bits or bikes that you can bear to part with, I am sure she would appreciate the donation. I know it can be painful to part with them at times, but Karen does guarantee a good home & I am sure she could arrange a visit later if you needed to check on their welfare. She may also just have that long sought after part that you need to finish a project.

Also thanks to Senior Constable Matt Bransdon, Senior Instructor with the NSW Police Bike Squad. Matt spent a couple of hours answering questions and gave quite a good demonstartion of some of the riding skills they teach the Police.

On to CAMWest issues: I would love to see a meeting held. CAMWest is the only BUG between Bike North & the Blue Mountains. There is a great opportunity to engage a large part of Western Sydney in cycling. BNSW may be able to email members in the catchment area to invite them if you are interested.

The T-Way issue is a bit quiet at the moment. Michael Goard has done a mighty job on surveying the route, but as with all dealings with Government Departments, things are going very slowly & the greatest difficulty is finding out exactly who to speak to about the problems. I feel that it is time to get some media interest, starting with the local press & progressing from there. The Cycleway is a wonderful piece of infrastructure, but is wotrthless as it stands with the missing link.

Look forward to seeing you at a meeting in the near future. I cannot make the last Wednesday of the month & will be away from Sydney for 3 weeks commencing about 18/7.


John Holstein

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed"

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