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???? CAMWest have semi regular rides & are usually listed on this mailing list. The next planned one is a ride along the Canal from 
Guildford to Prospect reservoir on 7/7/07. It is an easy ride, aimed at beginners but it is an iopportunity to meet with some of the ride leaders.

Bike North also run a number of regular rides, catering for many different levels & their rides can be found on their 
website or in Push On which you can access through the Bicycle NSW website. www.bicyclensw.org.au. Push On actually list rides across the state & is a good resource for finding regular and not so regular rides.

In regards to commuting, the best way is to lok at a number of resources & select a route that suits you, then ride it to refine the ride. Those resources can be as simple as a street directory, some of the RTA maps ( I have?a heap of them at home if you want some) or an excellent website www.nikely.com which has a search function. Simply type in your desired route & if someone has already entered it, then you simply follow the directions. Routes are displayed in map for, satellite image or a combination of both.

Good luck with your commuting & keep in touch

John Holstein

"if we don't change direction, we will end up where we are headed"

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I've recently moved to Glenwood and was wondering if there are individuals or groups who commute by bike to the CBD. I am interested to:
1) Find out the best route to take to the city in terms of least amount of traffic and quickest route which is bike friendly
2) Join others to ride in a group on a regular basis.
Kind Regards
Asil Sohail

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