[CAMWEST-discuss] Fw: Potential conflict between cycleway and environment on Duck River

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Dear CAMWESTies,

The path along Duck River is close to my heart (and home).  

I am also keen to discuss this with people who are interested.

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Subject: Potential conflict between cycleway and environment on Duck River
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Peter Dixon here. I am the facilitator of the Mighty Duck Restoration Collective.

I just had a look at your website and would like to discuss with your group some issues relating to the potential negative environmental impacts of the proposed cycleway route along the Duck River. 

Would it be possible to meet with your group to discuss? I am happy to meet on site or to come to a meeting. We have already been engaged with Bike South West and a number of other BUGS over the years relating to ecological issues in the region. We had preliminary discussions with CAMWEST a number of years ago, but other issues took both our attentions.


Peter Dixon
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